Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The winter that wasn't

I still think the Green Bay Packers took our weather to Seattle, back in November - they played a Monday night game out there, and some people got snowed in in the parking lot. And the Seahawks beat them, too - I think it was one of those games where they squandered a good early lead. My brother and his daughter even had a snow day, no school; they've been skiing and my fool brother has been biking in the snow, and ice. 'Course we got a snow day in Wisconsin, too, not long after Seattle's, when the storm came east, but only in Milwaukee - they even closed UW-Milwaukee - only about 4 inches of snow here in Madison.

In 2006 in Madison, we got almost 3 inches of snow in November - normal would be almost 6. There's nothing out there now, and December was this endless procession of highs in the 40s, lows in the 30s, no precipitation, or else rain. This week, the week of january 8th, we had some really bitter cold winds, but now today, Thursday, it's 36 degrees. And oh, yeah the lake is still open - I've only seen ice fishermen out there once ...

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