Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Occasional writer

I looked at the date of my last post and it's 6 days ago, eons in 'blogger time. My older son and I both suffer from this malaise where we get each other on the phone and keep saying "I know there was something else I needed to tell you and I just can't remember it now.... "

I know in those 6 days there were a bunch of times when I thought, "that was a good insight, I should write about it on my 'blog" ... but I just can't remember it now.

This morning I got an email inviting me to join and write for Movie Bloggers, and I thought oh great, just something else to feel guilty about. This afternoon, though when I tried to follow the links in the email to their site, I got all these error message for the main page (; the FAQ page works fine though. And of course it is bordered with changing flashing messages to read this or that 'blog, and also to sign up for different schemes so you can write 'blogs for money. And it also says "FAQ Page last updated November 12th, 2006." so even longer ago than 6 days.

I think I feel better now.

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