Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Getting into the holiday spirit

I think while I was battling sticky cookie dough in my kitchen last night, my brother was battling snowy & icy roads, biking home from work, in Seattle.

And I had some vague notion to use this comparison as the setting for weaving together a couple of trains of thought that I have been having this morning, starting with how I am having trouble getting into the spirit of the season, and enjoying my self-inflicted cookie-baking madness, maybe because we did not have quite enough eaters on Thanksgiving, so I am seeing some of the food go to waste, and it's 60 degrees and rainy here, so not only dreary, not cold enough to make the vestibule of my house the perfect cookie storage temperature, and so on, with a litany of ills. Also the contrast of my struggle in the warm kitchen vs. my brother out in the snow seemed to parallel my also self-inflicted, re-ocurring inferiority complex, when I read other people's (including my brother's) writings on their blogs, and they seem to have so much more depth than my own shallow concerns ... of course this morning I was reading a food blog by a published author, not that a whole lotta crap doesn't get published, but still, more writer's chops than me.

But I just checked back with Dave, and they are having a snow day today, so it all seems a whole lot more simple - they just got lucky, and are having more fun than us, today. And their football team beat ours last night, too, even though the snow was supposed to be to the Packers advantage. We got Seattle weather (60, grey, and rainy), they got Wisconsin's (27, partly cloudy, and snowy).

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