Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And what abut food?

Let's see - I did a super quick overnighter to Chicago, left Madison in an ice storm on Friday afternon, on the bus luckily for me, but John was driving back from Milwaukee at the same time, and it was a rough trip.

We had dinner at Rosebud on Rush, I'd been at the one on Taylor St (little Italy in Chicago), and it was very good, not perfect, but good - I could say my salad was a little over dressed, and the bread (it tasted like a very sour sour dough, from their own starter) was a little over cooked, too hard and crunchy, and my pasta was a little runny, the cream was not reduced enough - I had what they called tortellini carbonara; it had cream, prosciutto and peas. But the wine was good, and there were 8 people at the tabel, and it was fun.

Tonight I cooked chicken, scalloped potatoes (the cream, milk & half & half, actually, did not reduce enough in them either), mixed veggies (carrots, brussels sprouts, romesco broccoli) with chestnuts, rolls, and apple crisp for WASB students. I did a WASB dinner in April and had 10 guests - tonight only 4, but it was still nice to have them over. No pictures, though - sorry.

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