Thursday, October 26, 2006

Not raking

A while ago, my brother wrote about spending time NOT doing what you think you should be doing - that's what I did last evening. It was beautiful day, and I was going to go home and rake leaves, but I got out of work late, and got home at almost 5:30, and it wasn't dark yet, but you could see that it'd be dark soon, and I was tired, and...and...and...and...

So I spent the evening cooking to use up veggie box veggies, I made a good caulifower with Indian spices, from Madhur Jaffrey's quick & easy Indian cookery, recommended by the Mac computer geeks (I want to say my friends, though, 'cuz that's just how they are ...) at TidBits, and the greens with peanut sauce again, from the REAP recipes, and red himalayn rice. And I even went out quick and returned a library book, and picked up a hold - I need lots of stuff to read, since I am traveling to a librarians' conference tomorrow. But then I blew it all, made 2 microwave-graham cracker, Hershey bar, marshmallow smores, left all the dishes in the sink, and lay on the couch and watched bad TV until 11:30.

This morning I got up, fed the cats, took the trash and recycle out, raked the front yard, and washed all the dishes, so maybe my halo is back in place again, after slipping off last night. But maybe not, because I still got to work after 9:00 a.m. (for the third day in a row).

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