Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Joys of Air Travel

John and I talk a lot about being lucky or unlucky - just yesterday he said, "remember I have terrible luck". I think I must be getting lucky today - I caught a 7:05 shuttle ride to the airport, trying to make an 8:30 flight. I discovered I only had $6 in my wallet, but I got the last $40 from the ATM a the hotel to pay the $12 for my shuttle, and then even though I was perishing of worry on the drive, we were at the airport at 7:28. It was shuffle shuffle shuffle through security, but I am at the gate now, and they just said it's 8:00 .... wonder if I will actually make it through Detroit?

My plane from Detroit to Madison is delayed AND oversold .... is a free round trip ticket good for a year a good enough payment for missing more of Al's 18th birthday? I didn't think so, and did not belly up to the podium to get bumped. Although I think if I had, there's a good chance that the later flight to Madison is the one Mark is on ... oh, no, he's going through Chicago.

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