Monday, September 11, 2006

Roasting peppers and selecting images

I've been trying to figure out the best way to roast peppers - I decided that the way I had been doing it - roasting the peppers, whole, on a sheet pan in a hot convection oven - cooks the peppers too much - they're too soft, good for pureeing, but not so good for salads, etc. So yesterday I tried cutting them in half, and taking out the seeds and ribs, and broiling them, which worked well texture-wise, and really nice not to risk getting steamed when cutting open the hot peppers like when I rost them whole, except there was a rim of pepper half, the part that was towards the sheet, that did not seem roasted enough. Today I tried broiling them whole - have to go skin and seed them, then I can report. [worked pretty good, they were firmer, and less uncooked rim]

And it seems like once I knew how to make photoshop make a .jpg with a transparent background, but now all I seem to be able to do is jpg on white, like this, OR gif on transparent but posterized ...

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