Friday, August 11, 2006

Party, party

My friend Chris is having his annual farm party tomorrow night. It's a potluck so I have been trying to decide what to take. And next Saturday I am having an end-of-summer party so I have been trying to decide what to make for that. So far, for the farm party, I am thinking I will make corn salsa as a layered dip, on top of refried beans and topped with sour cream - the corn salsa is really just this one, the first way, with corn insted of tomatoes.

And I think I will make a big pan of brownies.

For the end-of-summer party I am still considering, but so far, I am thinking

  • sour-cream apple pie bars, but made with peaches
  • tiny fruit tarts
  • hummus or baba ghanouj
  • dill dip & veggies
  • goat-cheese tomato tarts
  • and, and, and ...
  • oh, yeah, and I also want to make the appetizer that's flat bread spread w/cream cheese & pesto, with roasted peppers on top, but I think I will make the bread, using may fave pizza crust recipe
Today it's my birthday, and I had always lamented that not too many cool people have the same birthday as me. I just heard on the radio that Mike Douglas died today, on his 81st birthday, which is sad, but actually seems not a bad way to go to me - maybe I'll try for that, too. I have been predicting that I will live to be 82. We'll just have to see on that one, too.

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