Sunday, July 02, 2006

4th of July, the food

We were all a little groggy from hanging around in jails too much on Saturday morning. Al decided to take on another week at camp as a counselor, so he got back at noon, showered, and then wanted to go hang out with friends for most of the evening, because he left again at 7:30 Sunday morning. We have a big fireworks show here called Rhythm & Booms, a fireworks display timed to music, and they postponed it because of threatening weather. So I ended up with lots of food, and fewer than expected people to eat it. There's a big thing of cole slaw, 2 1/2 brats + buns to go with, broiled zucchini with balsamic vinegar & parmesan, and a few grilled potatoes, not to mention the chicken barbecue meat I made from leftover grilled chicken that's not in the picture, and the polenta pie and one enchilada from earlier in the week ....

They say they're going to do the fireworks tonight, so I just have to make all these leftovers sound like a good enough meal to get all the teenagers to come over and eat them ... I'm hoping that the addition of peanut noodles, and reminding them about the pan of brownies will make it sound like a good deal.

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