Monday, May 08, 2006

On my "stuff to cook list"

In my palm I keep a little "stuff to cook list"; that spinach & gnocchi gratin was in there. Also, 101 cookbooks Heidi's 1000 layer lasagna, made that yesterday, and it's in the oven on timer for dinner tonight. I also want to make tandoori chicken with a spice mix I bought at the co-op yesterday - it's just the dry spices, you have to add oil and yogurt, and marinate the chicken, but it sounds good, served with rice and sauteed broccoli. (I have some stems to use up, along with a fresh bunch I bought yesterday) I will look at the package and add the link to the brand name. (It's Arora Creations)

I made many mushroom pizza last night, and sausage & peppers, spinach w/ fresh garlic, and sausage & pepperoni - but it's the mushroom one that was special. Sauteed morels, white mushrooms and oyster mushrooms (I got way lucky - at the Saturday farmers' market, I got to the booth with the oyster mushrooms just as the farmer was running out, and he kindly sold me the bottom of the bin, at least a pound I'd say, for just $2), on top of a layer of goat cheese, topped with grated parmesan, fresh ground black pepper, and a misting of olive oil.

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