Monday, April 24, 2006

Tea party

My best friend who lived on my street has moved farther west in our town - we had always had parties together - it was so easy to just take trays of food two doors down. She had a houswarming/spring fling/tea party on Saturday. I made tea sandwiches (curried chicken, and radishes or cucumbers with dill cream cheese) but one of the hits of the day was the gingerbread trifle I had been planning ever since March - layers of gingerbread crumbs, from a batch of gingerbread that stuck, creme anglaise (2 cups milk, 6 egg yolks, vanilla bean, and half cup sugar) lemon curd, and rhubarb puree in the middle, topped off with whipped cream.

No pictures, but here is one I made for xmas 2003:
I talked to lots of people at the tea about business ideas; the prevailing opinion seemed to be I have too many ideas; build a kitchen that can be - catering, cooking school, subscription dinner parties and and and - so I should start trying some of them out, from home, and see what works, THEN buy a building. Afterall, I already own a house with 2 kitchens...

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