Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sunday breakfast

Probably this week's most satisfying cooking was Sunday breakfast. John came from Milwaukee, just to bring the car back. Al was home, too. The morning started frustrating-ly - I wanted to go out for a walk, but when I was all dressed and ready to go, it started raining. So I thought I'd just sit around for a bit, read the Sunday papers, maybe finish my book - The Good Life, by Jay McInerney, which is really pretty good, fiction using September 11th as the context, and not getting everyone quite as mad as some other writers that have done it, like Jonathan Safran Foer, or the one I read, but I don't think anyone else did, Joyce Maynard's (already controversial as the nemesis of J.D. Salinger's family) The Usual Rules - but when I looked outside, there were no papers. So I just kind of hung around a bit, called all the newspaper delivery services to complain, and then went out and quick grocery shopped and then was less than 10 minutes late to meet the realtor to look at a house and a couple of commercial-condo storefront buildings (all of which I am still afraid I cannot afford - I looked at after-tax TIAA-CREF accounts today in case they are a better place to put my small pot of extra cash, instead of a building).

I made fried potatoes from a bag of fingerlings that I got at the co-op about 2 weeks ago, and bacon, and John had a waffle & bacon & potatoes, Al had eggs & bacon & potatoes, and I had bacon & potatoes. John and I both drank Chai. And there was just enough, and it was all good.

But things went downhill from there - we were a little on the late side heading off for Milwaukee, and the trip turned into a tour of Home Depots in Madison and Milwaukee. We were successful with camera batteries at the Madison one, but couldn't get quite all the perfect things for an art project at the Milwaukee one - and all the other stores we tried were closed for Easter.

And traffic was heavy, too many of the kind of drivers that just get in the left lane and stay there, and go just a little bit too slow for you to stay behind, but just fast enough so you never get a big enough opening to pass them on the right.

I wasn't home until after 6:00; made a meatball sub from some bread in the fridge, meatballs from the freezer, and the tomato sauce I made earlier in the week, to use last summer's tomatoes. It was OK, but not enough people to share with - Al already ate at Mickie D's. and the sandwich did not appeal to Mark and even the ice cream with strawberries and raspberries that I ate for dessert while watching the Sopranos was being served on the wrong time frame for Mark - none of Nigel's eaters ever act like that, or else Nigel's not telling.

It rained a lot today (another factor adding to the overall fun of driving) and the basement had taken on a good bit of water, including soaking the new rug in the new room for the 2nd time, even though we had peeled it back, just not far enough. The joys of home ownership - how can I even think about owning more property ....

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