Tuesday, April 04, 2006

No, I have't been writing that much....

... in fact, it's Tuesday and I never really read the Sunday papers, except for scanning the headlines as I chucked them into the recycle bin, and I have been carrying around the NYT arts & leisure, book review, and magazine for the last 2 days. I have managed to read snippets of the magazine, and discovered - see you don't find out everything from reading 'blogs! - that Julie Powell and her husband separated for a while last fall - from a quick scan doesn't look like she wrote about it on her 'blog, took the NYT mag to bring out the confession.

Anyways, what I have been doing is the WI Film Fest, 5 movies between Thursday and Sunday. My favorite was I Like Killing Flies, about Shopsin's restaurant in Greenwich Village - although I think it has moved twice since the movie was released in 2004. We also squeezed dinner with some friends in between the Saturday movies - they describe themselves as the world's only disorganzied, UN-punctual Swiss person, married to the the world's only workaholic Irishman. We ate Raclette, the Swiss cheese dish - traditionally, a half a wheel of cheese is held up to an open fire, and you scrape the melted cheese off with a knife onto boiled potatoes. We had a cute little table top cooker, with little pans you slide in, wooden paddles to scrape the cheese onto your potatoes, and condiments like cornichons, pickled onions, hearts of plam, etc., plus strips of prosciutto to grill with the cheese.

Today, Tuesday, was the edible books show here. I made a "Tipping the velvet (see book cover)" cake.

I also cooked dinner for 10 students, an outreach effort by the WASB, WI alumni student board- no pictures, but the menu was soy pate (with little rounds of toasted rye) and spanakopita for apps; tomato-dill soup, salad with breaded (crumbed, really, with Panko), warmed goat cheese rounds & balsamic vinegrette, store sourdough and homemade cranberry and banana bread; and vanilla pudding with amaretti, and we made angels with the papers. Made me think that it's the students who appreciate/need my cooking the most ... so maybe I should be looking for property downtown, and thinking about starting a dining co-op for students, but buildings are sooo expensive ... Rachael said how about student night at the subscription supper club, and that's a really good idea.

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