Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's Johnny's birthday

Actually not till Saturday - but my #1 son is going to be 19. Last year (his golden birthday, 18 on the 18th) I made a birthday dinner for him and his friends, penne al arrabbiata, garlic toast, salad, and Grasshopper pie - mint chocolate chip ice cream in an oreo crust with a fudgy topping. This year, I hear that all the boys are going to a March Madness party, hosted by one of the dads, but I am going to make a Girl Scout thin mints, mint chocolate cheese cake. I used to have a recipe for this, from a joke calendar from a place where I used to work - a guys "cheesecake" calendar, but instead of sexy pictures, each guy was pictured holding his signature cheesecake, and the recipes accompanied. Anyways, could not find that one, but I did find one from a Girl Scout Council that sounds good - thin mint crust, and more thin mints and mint chocolates chopped up in the cream cheese filling, plus a dark chocolate glaze on top.

No food pictures today, cats instead.

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