Friday, February 10, 2006

Lazy Friday night

It's 8:29 p.m., and I am about to put on my pajamas, and watch DVDs. I had big plans for tonight, to roast some chicken with the leftover Nigel barley-herb-vegetables, and it looks and smells good, but I don't think any one is going to eat it (the cat really wants it) at least not tonight - I had salad and apple crisp, John had arugula pizza, and Al (who has to take the ACTs in the morning, and so is hanging around the house with me, although of course we're in separate rooms with separate TVs) ordered a pizza.

I was also going to make Mac & Cheese, in honor of more kids being around for the weekend, probably I'll do that tomorrow. And I am baking bread, the multigrain again, one loaf with oats glued on top with egg wash, and 8 rolls with toasted walnuts and raisons kneaded in - but this is the same yeast I used for the pizza crust and I think it is a less-than-good batch - the pizza dough did not rise as well as expected and neither has the bread, so far, but just peeked, and I think it wil be fine.

Tomorrow night I am going to fix a nice dinner for 4, pork roast with lemon and fingerling potatoes, salad, and black sticky gingerbread, from Regan Daly by way of Heidi - I should make the gingerbread tonight, Regan says it is better the 2nd day, but once I hit the couch, not sure if I'll get up again, except to wash the pile of dishes in the sink. Oh yeah, and I am doing laundry so maybe I am not a complete slug ...

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