Monday, September 11, 2006

What happened to the weekend?

No blog writing, though I did do a little picture taking ... anyways.

On Friday we went to the opening Madison Symphony Orchestra concert, in our new (last year) Caesar Pelli-designed concert hall - there was a recent NYT article about how every community, even small and medium size cities like ours, is getting their multi-million dollar concert hall - MSO had scraped up all the classical musicians they could find in the city, and did a full orchestral production of Strauss' Also sprach Zarathustra -

And then we went to a bar to see the Know It All Boyfriends, a cover band with some members of Garbage, who I always think of as being from a band called Spooner, that was everyone in Madison's favorite dance band in the '80s. I knew KIAB was a cover band and I thought they'd do garage rock, but it was all 70s schlock, like Paul McCartney's Wings, Bachman Turner Overdrive, AC/DC, Bad Company, though they did do a Beatles song, and on their web site it says they do perform some Velvet Underground tunes. It was fun.

Saturday woke up grey and rainy, good excuse to stay in bed late. I did a quick trip to the farmers' market and then it seemed like, even though I meant to go swimming at the Y, and do some other things too, I spent most of the date skinning and de-seeding and packing roma tomatoes I got from my CSA, for freezing, and making a double batch of this lasagne with sausage & mushrooms, and red peppers & tomatoes in the sauce. No pictures of any of this. And I made a birthday pie for a friend, but did not photograph it, either.

Sunday we drove to Milwaukee to retrieve the car from my older son so it can get some body work done on Wednesday, make his wireless Internet work, and take him to dinner. (The extra lasagne was for him) Turned out to be a successful trip; Mark worked on his Internet connection while I took John grocery shopping, and then we all ate at Izumi's. Only downside was the low visibility drive home in the rain.

Typical Tipi CSA box - they are known for carrots & peppers & tomatoes:

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Heike said...

gorgeous vegetables and a gorgeous picture of them too.